Frequently asked questions

How many balloons will the cylinder inflate?

The number of balloons you can inflate will depend on the size of the cylinder as well as the size of the balloons being used. Please notice that we provide with an estimate on the amount of 11″ balloons that can be inflated per specific cylinder size.

What is Hydro testing?

Hydro testing is done every 5 years on a Helium Tank and it is required to be done by law before any Helium Filler can fill the Helium Tank. Hydro testing ensures that your Helium Tank is safe to use since it will be tested under high pressure conditions.

When a Helium Tank goes in for a Hydro test, the main valve is unscrewed from the top of the Helium Tank and then the Helium Tank goes through a testing process in which it is inspected for hairline fractures in the metal. If there are no cracks in the metal, then the Helium Tank passes the Hydro test and the Helium Tank is marked by engraving a date (month-year) into the top part of the Helium Tank.

If the date stamp is current within the last 5 years, your Helium Tank is safe for Helium Refilling. If the Helium Tank does not pass Hydro testing, the Helium Tank is marked condemned and cannot be refilled. This may happen if the Helium Tank was damaged in some way. Usually extreme conditions cause this – fires, dropping of the Helium Tank a number of times, also softer metals such as aluminum Helium Tanks and Helium Cylinders sometimes do not pass.

When metal has been bent (especially around the top part of the Helium Tank, it starts to weaken the metal).

Can I transport the cylinder in my vehicle if I pick up the equipment instead of having it delivered?

Yes, you can transport up to 1000 cu.ft in your personal vehicle without hazardous material placards. We recommend that you have us deliver large cylinders to your business, home or event venue. Delivery is available for a small fee.

Can I purchase the cylinder and related equipment?

We are in the process of growing, and very soon you will be able to buy all the equipment from us, for now we only offer tanks refills and sales only.

Can Mayorga Balloons refill my cylinder?

Yes, there are certain restrictions. Please contact us for specific guidelines as well as restrictions on filling your personal equipment.

What types of payments are accepted?

We accept all major credit cards, payment by personal or company check as well as cash.

Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver throughout Southern California. Please contact us and speak to us for to arrange the delivery for your respective area.